5 Tried and Tested Diaper Bags - What I love (and don't love) about each

Hey friends!

I've been going through a lot of diaper bags recently. I don't know if it's me or them, but when I think I've found the one -- another one gives me a flirty wink over the shoulder and whispers -
"You should give me a shot." 

So here I am, compiling a list of diaper bags that I've tried so far, and what I liked (and didn't like) about each of them. You can click the title of each bag for links to product.

1. Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack

Comes in tons of color options/combos.

Things I loved.
  • Can be carried as a messenger bag, over the shoulder, top handle grab or backpack style.
  • Has a built-in changing station
    • This is honestly the best feature of ANY diaper bag. Why don't more bags do this?!
    • It's very thick and convenient. You could change a diaper on any surface. And it detaches so that it can be washed!

The things I didn't love.
  • Didn't hold as much as I thought it would
    • When it came to packing for a newborn as a first time mom, I admit maybe I packed too much. I also think I had an older style as it was smaller than the current bags available.
  • Didn't open wide when unzipped.
  • Has a flap.

Available in Black, Brandy, Camel, Grey and Galena.

Things I loved.
  • The size - it was so large coming from my PPB bag!  13"(H) x 5"(W) x 14.5" (L)
  • Opens super wide when unzipped.
  • It's made of beautiful, quality leather.
  • Can be worn multiple ways - even as a backpack!
  • Comes with an organizing insert to hold all the things.

The things I didn't love.
  • No easy access bottle pockets - just two front zippered pockets.
  • Uncomfortable after long wears -- this bag gets heavy after awhile.

3. Lily Jade Cailin in Black and Gold

Comes in a Navy Blue as well.

Things I loved.

  • Can hold all the things. Literally.
    • Bought this originally as a travel bag + diaper bag and it did the job really well. Ended up having too much space when used as only a diaper bag.
  • Lightweight - 2lbs.!
    • Made of nylon with leather details.
  • Comes with insert.
  • Can be worn multiple ways
  • Easy access bottle pockets on the sides.

The thing I didn't love.
  • Looks a little old fashioned - like a Grandma bag.
  • Can also become uncomfortable after long wears -- the straps are leather and can dig into shoulders.
  • Can't fault the bag for anything else, honestly.

Fawn Design dupe - available in other colors, too!

Things I loved.

  • The design is modern and attractive.
  • Made of easy to clean nylon.
  • Opens wide once you fold back the top lip.
  • It's fairly lightweight.

The things I didn't love.
  • The outer zippers on this bag are practically useless.
  • Packets on the outside are useless, too, when the bag is packed.
  • Things easily get lost in there -- buried under other things.
    • Good if you're a vertical stacker packer and don't mind pulling things out.

JJB has a ton of prints for each style of bag available.

Things I loved.
  • Fun, colored print inside and out.
    • I finally embraced the crazy print diaper bag and I'm not mad about it. I don't know why I didn't start off with this kind of bag in the beginning?
  • Has a all the pockets for Mommy and baby.
  • Insulated bottle pockets!
  • Lightweight.
  • Machine washable!
    • Most other diaper bags are not able to do this!
  • Still have a bit of room inside the bag once packed for 1 toddler and myself.
  • Probably the most functional out of all the diaper bags I've used so far.

The things I didn't love.
  • Can only be worn as a backpack.
  • Still working on this, I just got this bag today. Plan on doing a video later reviewing the bag and some accessories.

I have not used this bag yet, but it's in my stash as a to use bag at some point. Waiting for color/outfit opportunity.
Got this bag on clearance from Skip Hop for $30 during one of their sales.

Things I loved.

  • Lightest bag of them all.
  • Comes with matching packing cubes.
  • Seems fairly large - have NOT used this bag yet.
  • Has built in stroller clips on the shoulders.

The things I didn't love.
  • Quality isn't up there when compared to the diaper bags I'm familiar with.
  • This bag is made of polyester and not nylon. 
    • I'm not sure how well this will hold up over long, heavy use.
  • Will add more once used in real life.

And I'm not going to lie, each bag has it's use case/purpose. There are still other bags I want to try like the Freshly Picked bags and Happ Brand. One of these days I'll find the one.


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