Our Favorite Tech as Parents

I didn't realize how much of a role tech would play in my new phase of life as a Mom. I have to say that it's been a lifesaver for the most part. All of the things I love are super functional. They aren't required for sure, but can help alleviate some of the pain points we experience as mothers/fathers.

Here are my top 5 tech must haves:
  1. Smart Phone
  2. Bluetooth headset
  3. Loopy Case
  4. Baby monitor
  5. Ring Doorbell

1. Smart Phone - I think this here is a no brainer. We want to be able to communicate with the world while we are cloistered away in the house. We also want to take beautiful photos and videos of our littles on the fly and the best choice to do this is a smart phone with a great camera.
  • My pick: iPhone 8 Plus. The things I love about it are it's large screen, battery life, and great cameras. What I don't like so much is the weight. It's heavy! 
  • My husband's pick: Google Pixel 2. He likes the smaller form factor so that it can fit in his pocket and the camera on it is amazing. He doesn't like the battery life on it and feels like he has to charge it often.

2. Bluetooth headset - Nothing is better than hands free when dealing with kiddos. I had a c-section with my babe and it took almost 6 weeks before I was completely mobile again. Having the ability to make phone calls with my mom, while nursing and holding the baby was great. It kept me sane those first few months. Now it's a great way to listen to music without having the phone in my hands while watching over baby.
  • My pick: Beats X. These were just easy to setup and easy to use. They come with different sized ear tips for extra comfort. I always have to size down to the small ones for them to fit into my ears. They come in several colors, too.
  • My husband's pick: Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones. He goes to the gym and these stay put in his ears. He likes to listen to audio books when he walks with the baby and the dog (definitely need hands free to be able to do this!) Also available in a few color options.
3. Loopy phone case - Okay, so this may not be a tech piece but it works with your tech to make it better! I've tried all sorts of phone cases. I even scoffed at the PopSocket phenomenon but had a change of heart when I got one myself. The only downside to it was that it was uncomfortable after long periods of use. Enter the Loopy Case. I actually came across these from another mom blogger and snagged two, one for myself and the other for my hubby. We both LOVE them and have no idea how we survived without them.

Photo credit from: https://www.loopycases.com

These. Are. Amazing. Hands down the best purchase you could make phone case wise. This also plays into that hands free theme we seem to love so much as parents. And you don't have to worry about dropping the phone on your baby! You can get 15% off with code getloopy at checkout.

4. Baby monitor - Believe it or not, baby monitors are tech too. They are getting so much smarter these days to help ease the worry many of us have when baby is away in another room. We have the DXR-8 from Infant Optics. The camera is mounted above the crib and we use the portable monitor to keep an eye on the baby.

I've been seeing the Nanit monitor pop up recently and if we ever need to replace our current monitor, this would be the one I'd opt for as an upgrade. I like the design of it more than anything else if I'm being honest, but it also works with your phone, which is something I always have on me. It also provides insights into their sleep patterns! 

Photo credit from: https://www.nanit.com 

5. Ring Doorbell - Say what? Yes. If you don't have this, or something like yet, you need to get one. Seriously! I don't know what it is about answering the door when I'm home alone with the baby, but I just don't like to do it. I open up the Ring app to check out who it was at the door. Most of the time it's just package delivery. It gives peace of mind knowing that you get alerts when the motion sensor goes off and you can check on your front door to see who is there -- from wherever!

We have the Ring Video Doorbell 2 with chime -- this version doesn't require a hardwire doorbell and  works over wireless to ring the chime that's plugged into the wall inside the house. We are currently looking into setting up the rest of the house with Ring Alarm and a few other cameras too. 

And that's it! Hope you enjoyed this post and saw a few unexpected things listed!