My recent Amazon finds!

Hello my beautiful friends~!

I've recently come across some amazing finds on Amazon that I thought I'd share with you. Video linked below for a quick overview of the items as well!

First up are these 3 pack of earrings. You get two face styles and a wire hand style that look amazing in person. Probably my favorite earrings I've purchased in awhile! $10.99

Next we have the grey leather backpack bag. It is so gorgeous in person. It is a Chloe inspired bag, so if you're a baller on a budget or just want to get a feel for the size and carry of this bag before investing in the real thing, this one is for you. At a glance, you'd be hard pressed to tell them apart. I got the smaller grey version and love it. They have quite a few other colors and both a large and small version for each. $67.99

Third up is this leather wallet that holds 20 cards. I'm not sure if this is a designer dupe or not, but it looks really nice in person. It's a soft, black leather with a button snap enclosure and RFID protection. They have a lot of other colors, too, and I'm thinking about picking up the mint green one. I do feel fancy now that I have it in my bag. It's my first leather wallet! $21.99

Lastly, we have these tortoise style earrings. I feel like this style is going to be a fall trend this year, so if you want in on it, grab a pair you like! $8.89

And here's a YouTube video showing the items as well. Thanks for getting down this far!